Friday, 24 October 2014

Zomtober Week 4 - Better dead than zed

Hi Folks,

so it´s week 4 already, doesn´t time fly (when you´re having fun)...

This week we have the Man with no face, main body is Nathan from NYD with a few bits and bobs.

Really easy conversion this week, as I have to pack tonite and go to a local model show. I cut off his head and added a motorcycle helmet added a pitch fork and a street sign (Bends ahead,or whatever!!).

This I did by downloading an image from the Interwebz moved it into Adobe Illustrator added the wording and printed it out. I then glued it to a piece of tin foil and slapped paint on it.

A close up of his urban shield.

And his pitch fork.

Right, that´s all from me for this week,i´moff to sell afew minis (hopefully)....

Stay safe and survive



  1. Excellent conversion dude! The shield is brilliant.
    By the way your 28mm survivors are superb too!

    1. Thanks Bob, the shield was really easy and fun to make. And thank you for the comment about our "little" people :-)

  2. Excellent. Last week's was very good, but I think I prefer this mini' better. Hopefully you've sold a lot of miniatures at the model show :)

    1. Cheers Roy, yeah the show was a huge sucess :-)

  3. Thats fantastic mate! Love the shield and pitchfork.

    1. Thank you Simon, he was really fun to make. I´m planing on making a whole group of survivors with shields (This is SPARTA!!!)...