Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Final countdown

Just 1 day to go and then it starts, Zomtober 2014!!

I have been preparing my first figure, Bob the survivor. The model itself is a test print using a different resin than I normally use, I was trying out another printer (cheapskate)... It didn´t turn out as I was expecting, oh well back to the normal material.

This is the render from Bob, and a printed version. He will also be available in 30mm white metal.

Now on to the painting stage :-)

Stay safe and survive


Monday, 22 September 2014

Zomtober 2014

I have just joined the "Zomtober 2014" to get my painting Mojo back. It´s been on backstage at the moment due to all the stuff I´m doing for "Not Yet Dead" Miniatures. Which, by the way is alot of work next to my "Day job".

My plan is to convert/paint 2x survivors and 2 zombies for the Zomtober, a biker with sawn-off shotgun and a zombie with real hair (made from an old paint brush), I´ve seen that done at 1/24 scale and thought it might be fun.....

Stay safe and survive