Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Zomtober 2014 - Final countdown

Just 1 day to go and then it starts, Zomtober 2014!!

I have been preparing my first figure, Bob the survivor. The model itself is a test print using a different resin than I normally use, I was trying out another printer (cheapskate)... It didn´t turn out as I was expecting, oh well back to the normal material.

This is the render from Bob, and a printed version. He will also be available in 30mm white metal.

Now on to the painting stage :-)

Stay safe and survive



  1. A very nice sculpt it is too.
    I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's Zomtober bits and pieces.

    1. Thanks r.a.e. :-)
      I am as well, some of these guys pump out lots of figures!!
      Due to the size,I´ll only be doing 4, max 5 figures.

    2. I'd be surprised if I top ten to twelve figures during the event. The 28mm dogs I'm painting up this week are easy enough, but once you move onto humans / zombies, that's when output begins to slow. I don't even want to think about painting larger scales ...
      I wish you well in your painting.

    3. cheers, I wish you also "happy painting"...got alot of painting time done last night, "Bob" is well on his way!!!